Meet Rex Anderson

I help my clients understand and use technology to reach and serve their clients.

I am a....
Student, Entrepreneur, Technology Mentor, Retired Lawyer, Private Pilot, Sailor, Golfer, Cyclist, Harley rider, Deep Thinker, and seeker of enlightenment.

I practice T'ai Chi, 3 saxophones, & blues harmonica.

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What I believe:

  • I have the ability to help people understand intangible concepts, such as computers, so they feel more comfortable and confident using them.
  • Select the simplest option first.
  • Find ways to automate routine or repeatable tasks or processes.
  • I am always learning. 
  • This is a journey - find a way to enjoy it, because there is no final destination.
  • Lightweight and flexible is better than hard-coded and a single-situation solution.
  • Give first in order to receive.
  • I believe in my ability to figure things out.
  • Listen with an intent to understand, not to respond.
  • Seek to follow The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:
    • Be Impeccable with your word
    • Don't take anything personally
    • Ask questions instead of making assumptions.
    • Always do your best.
  • Act, don't react.
  • Practice gratitude
  • Practice acceptance rather than judgment
  • Find and generate enthusiasm
  • I don't give a damn if anyone approves
  • "You become what you think about."  - Earl Nightingale

How Working Together will be Unique

Many people around the globe can build you a webpage.  Some can even build you a full website... eventually.

But none of them have the experience that I apply to help you fine tune your business model and total system design.  Before law school I was a computer systems analyst for 9 years, designing and teaching clients about computer systems.

When we work together, you have a business mentor, counselor, guide, and sounding board for your ideas and goals.  During our conversations, I help you get clarity about what products and services to offer now, and which ones to leave for the next phase.  Together we discuss your goals and ideas and my suggestions for improving on those ideas. 

Experience matters. 

Anyone can study for a couple weeks and claim to be a Kajabi expert.

Few people have the experience of programming mainframe computers starting back in 1976, have degrees in math and computer science, became fluent in 7 different computer languages in college, had a 9-year career as a computer systems analyst and computer consultant before returning to law school, practiced law as a solo attorney writing and arguing persuasive legal briefs for 30 years.  In college, I was the "go to guy" to my friends for all the computer programming classes.  In the 1980's I helped support the mini computers running real-time, full scale flight simulators to teach astronauts how to fly the Space Shuttle two years before the first launch. In the 1990's I was the first and only 2L in law school with a laptop in class. I built custom case management systems and document generation systems as the managing partner of a mid-size law firm.  Throughout my entire educational and professional career (that's over 45 years) I have pushed the edge of using computers to make me more effective, efficient, and productive. 

My lifelong passion and practice consists of learning how a computer system works, and then teaching other people how they can get the most from it.

I believe Kajabi is currently the best platform for building an online business and web presence.  For the past 7 years, I have been building sites, courses and systems in Kajabi.  I started with the original Kajabi, switched to Kajabi Next (hated it), and signed up for a Founders' Account for the "New Kajabi" as soon the beta version was released. I have listened to my private clients and helped them build over 50 separate systems and sites on Kajabi, all unique to their individual business models and preferences.  So, yea, I speak Kajabi.

I chose Kajabi as the platform for my online business after working with Wordpress, Infusionsoft (Keap), Influencersoft, Experiencify, Zenler, Katra, Clickfunnels, Searchie, and KBB Mastermind.  Those are all good systems, just not my preferred choice.  I continue to try new systems and take new courses to keep my skills and knowledge current.  As much as anything else, technology continues to evolve rapidly.  My task is to help save you time choosing options and then implementing your ideas faster.

I am an active student of Brendon Burchard, starting in 2017.  My client list includes over 25 of his Certified High Performance Coaches.  I'm known in Brendon's community as "the Kajabi Guy."  I understand, follow, and help you implement Brendon's models for creating, promoting, marketing, and delivering your coaching services, online courses, and membership programs.  If you've been to Brendon's live events then we likely met at 2 Expert Academy, 7 High Performance Academy, 2 World's Greatest Speaker Training, Influencer, HPX, the Miami Mastermind, or Zoom events.  I'm currently in Brendon's Marketing Mastermind for 2021, and bring those latest lessons and strategies to our conversations about your business.

I've purchased and studied the courses from others besides Brendon as well, including spending tens of thousands of dollars over the years with Frank Kern, Mel Abraham, Ali Brown, Chalene Johnson, Stu McLaren, Lisa Sasevich, Jeff Walker, Russell Brunson, Marissa Murgatroyd, Brandon Lucero, Scott Whitaker, Allie Bjerk, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.   So if you want to implement a business strategy that you learned from any of their programs, then I speak your language.  

"So what?", you say.  Well, that experience helps you avoid wasting time falling into rabbit holes and instead have a system built on a solid, bulletproof foundation.

Experience matters.   

I look forward to sharing mine to improve your dreams.

Causes that I support

Foothills Animal Rescue  Saving lives through the rescue, care and adoption of homeless cats and dogs.  A local rescue shelter.  Foothills Animal Rescue   An international nonprofit that provides financial access to help underserved communities through crowdfunding and micro loans.

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