Helping you learn to use online business software for Communities, Courses & Coaching

Experienced business guidance & websites built without the Overwhelm through Assisted Building and Sequenced Learning Stages

Helping you learn to use online business software for Communities, Courses & Coaching


Experienced business guidance & websites built without the Overwhelm through Assisted Building and Sequenced Learning Stages



Professionals in a NEW CHAPTER:  My best clients are degreed professionals moving on to the next chapter of their life, wanting to share their knowledge, skills and passions, earning a living in the process.  I'm a retired attorney and made this leap and never looked back!

Or you've just learned some NEW SKILLS: You have started a new career as a life coach, course creator, or community leader. 

Now let's get confident and competent with the technology now available so we can implement those ideas so you can pursue your passion to serve your clients. 

Together, you will better understand and use the tech faster than doing it by yourself. 

Sure, everyone can figure it out eventually.  I can help get you there faster.

DIY can mean for "Delay In Years!"

My passion ...

is to help you design, build, and learn to use the technology that can save you time, and deliver your message, expertise, and lead your community.

By helping you, I am helping all of your clients that you serve.  That is my ripple effect.

Come join me on this interesting journey.  Yes it is a journey, because the right technology is always improving and growing. 

Together, we'll chart out a path that serves you and your clients.

Talk soon,


Rex C. Anderson
Founder, Influencer Technology Academy
Scottsdale, Arizona

So, who mentors me?

Primarily, its Brendon Burchard.  For both my personal development and Internet marketing mastery.

I share what I've learned from all my mentors about how to use the Internet to market and deliver your unique trainings, courses, and coaching. 

I help you implement the strategies and tactics that are most effective now, while avoiding all the "ickky" stuff. 

I've been a member of Brendon's Marketing Mastermind since 2018 and in Influencer Pro since its inception.  We may have sat at the same table or been on the recent live ZOOM calls.

More than half of my clients are trained by Brendon as Certified High Performance Coaches (CHPC).

I've gone through all of the CHPC curriculum with my personal CHPC coach.

And if you've been to a Brendon live event since 2016, we likely have met at one of the 5 High Performance Academy Live Events, 3 Expert Academy Events, 2 Worlds Greatest Speaker Trainings, as well as Influencer, Growth, and HPX.

I'm known in this community as "The Kajabi Guy."

Miami Mastermind 2018

Influencer Mastermind 2019

Huntington Beach Mastermind July 2022 

Who am I? 

A Practicing Lawyer in Federal Court for 30 years, where I polished my persuasive writing skills and oral arguments.  Before law school, I was a computer systems analyst and consultant for 9 years.

I retired from law in 2020.  Now I spend my days systems and websites for clients & providing training on current technology.

I've always leveraged the latest technology to build systems that make my life, education, and career more automated and productive.

I was the only 2L in Law School with a laptop in class.  For my law firm, I built a legal case management and document generation system from scratch.

My undergrad degree includes a minor in Math & Computer Science where I became fluent in 7 different computer languages, including Assembly Language for mainframes.

Since 2013 I have been building courses, websites, and entire custom systems for coaches, course creators, and entrepreneurs.

That's my latest Kajabi Hero pin is from 2022.

I am recognized as a PREFERRED Kajabi Expert, in the Kajabi Expert Marketplace.

If you're serious and ready to get to work, then let's talk.

Ready to get your questions answered?

I'm opening up a few appointment blocks each week on my calendar for a few private conversations to answer your questions. 

Together, we'll see if this is a good fit for us to work together.  If not, I'll help you get clear on your next steps forward.

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Join with me on this journey


Not endorsed, associated or affiliated with Brendon Burchard, Facebook, or Kajabi (except as limited through the Kajabi Experts program).  I am an independent entrepreneur focused on helping client implement and use technology in their coaching and educational careers.