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What I learned from 2 Hours with Vinay Mysoor at Kajabi

Aug 18, 2023

On Friday, August 18, I had the privilege and honor to be on a group conference call with Vinay Mysoor, attorney at Kajabi in charge of Corporation Development, Legal, and Risk Management.

What a great experience, with insights into where they are now, where they're going, and a whole host of other topics.


Vinay presented Kajabi's position on the use of AI to help Kajabi account owners to create content, websites, and email copy.

AI is a hot topic (had you noticed??) with every company, even my local pizza joint, "Integrating AI".

Here's what I learned:

1) At present, Kajabi is NOT using any of the content you create or upload, video, text or otherwise to train their own AI model. The AI tools they offer now are all using OpenAI generalized AI system.

2) Kajabi does want to build a valuable AI tool for Kajabi account owners to help them to build content on Kajabi. In order to do that, they want to learn the best practices from those who are using Kajabi now. While ZOOM made headlines and too many social media posts about their heavy-handed stumble over use of ZOOM meeting content, it seems Kajabi is taking a much more owner-centric and owner-first approach.

3) If you do not want Kajabi to ever use your content to eventually train their own AI models, you can send an email now to [email protected] and let them know.

4) TAXES: Kajabi is working to directly connect to Quaderno - as an option for you to use in order to calculate and collect taxes from jurisdictions worldwide. This will be more of a direct connection, rather than the "outsource the payment processing to Quaderno" solution that has been possible for years. The initial release will be through Kajabi Payments, their (at present) US-ONLY system for collecting and processing payments.

This is how we do it now, showing the non-tax method on the top line, and the Quaderno path at the bottom of the image.

5) TEXTING: Kajabi is aware of the disruptive forces from new competitors and are working to include an outgoing text messaging function.

6) Email Analytics: They are working to give us more information about the effectiveness and reach of emails (like this one - obviously you "opened" it if you can read this far into the content!)

7) Protection of Intellectual Property: They are looking at ways to make it more difficult (it can never be impossible) to protect the video lessons, assessments, and worksheets from being pirated or resold. This is always a moving target.

8) Other cool comments and insights in response to my obscure tech or legal questions. One person who was there said that I should have my own talk show, as I did spend a large percentage of time teeing up questions for Vinay and prompting him further with follow-up questions. Candidly, I did enjoy that experience and glad that others found the result enjoyable.

If you have specific questions that you think I can help answer, click REPLY and send them to me.

I came away from this session encouraged that my decision back in 2015 to learn and begin teaching others how to use Kajabi was still a correct one. And that despite all the turmoil in technology, this is a sound platform upon which to build a business from the ground up.

Talk soon,

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