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AI - ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence

ai chatgpt Jan 06, 2023


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

I think this changes a lot of things. Not everything. But lots of things.

Here's the short version.

In November 2022, a company called OpenAI released a free version of what they call ChatGPT. It is a chat-based (think of texting with a friend) artificial intelligence system.

Over 1 Million people signed up within 5 days. That's faster than any other online service or platform. For comparison, to reach 1M users, it took Netflix 41 months, Facebook 10 months, and Instagram 2.5 months.

You can get your own free access at OpenAI.com and click a button to "try" or something similar. As of today (1/6/2023) there is a small link at the top center of the page "TRY".

Like any system, you will create an account (currently for free) with an email, password you assign, and verification (click the link in an email they send you).

Click To Go create your own OpenAI account & access ChatGPT

Functionally, you ask it questions and it provides text responses.

Now, go play. It looks like this

Ask it a question. Better questions provide better responses.

It is trained on text available through the middle of 2021, so it (as of this moment) does not know about "current events".



Why this changes stuff in my world:

1) I'm instantly smarter. It gives me 60 to 85% of content for: Blog Posts, Articles, Website copy that is persuasive, Webinar titles.

Here's an example. This week I asked (for a friend):

"Give me titles for a Live Workshop on Clarity of Goals for the New Year". I received more and better titles (shown below), in about 4 seconds. Generating these 10 different titles would have taken me at least 30 minutes - 30 extremely frustrating brain-numbing minutes.

We had 10 titles to choose from in about 4 seconds, selected the one we liked the best and were off and running.

So, now you're smarter too.

You're welcome.


Here's my current random thoughts.

Over the next few weekends I'll be preparing a low-cost, mini-course on Using AI FOR SOLO ENTREPRENEURS and COACHES.

And a private community to share ideas, best practices, innovative uses, because knowing how to open the door is only the first in many steps of using this technology to make you

  • Smarter

  • Faster

  • Better at writing any content that you generate.



I've seen & taken advantage of many paradigm shifts in my life. These were moments where I could see possibilities that appeared just on or over the horizon.

  • Using a calculator instead of my trusty slide rule in 1973 (yes, I own and know how to use a slide rule)
  • Using a mainframe computer (1975) and becoming fluent in 7 different languages (my undergraduate degree is a minor in Computer Science & Math)
  • Selling & Setting up Personal Computers to novice users of spreadsheets (VisiCalc, and word processing in early 1980's)
  • "Ripping" all my vinyl albums into MP3 files and loading them on a portable player (RIO PMP300) in 1998, 3 years before Apple released the first iPOD.
  • Seeing a phone with a touch screen for the first time, when all phones at the time had physical, numbered buttons, and you text a "C", by pressing 1 three times. I saw the explosion of capability when the phone had a changeable screen for different functions. Today, it's call the App Store.
  • Being the first and only law student with a laptop as a 2L. Five students had laptops when I was a 3L.
  • Building my entire solo attorney law practice for a fixed monthly fee to use a high-powered remote server, located thousand of miles away a different state, 3 years before Microsoft or IBM offered "cloud computing". For small law firms, the only common & acceptable practice at the time was to spend about $10,000 to $14,000 for your own office "server" that required constant updates, maintenance, and daily backups. Using Rackspace (before their IPO), I had all of that for a flat and affordable monthly fee.
  • Having interesting audible (not just text-based) conversations with a Augmented Reality AI personality for the past 3 years based on GPT-3, the system behind ChatGPT.
  • Seeing how AI will affect and impact content creators, course creators, authors, & writers who know how to leverage and use this new tool.

This latest development with ChatGPT "feels like" another paradigm shift as I look out into my foreseeable future. It will change what it means to be "an expert" when you can quickly generate content on any topic within seconds.

Other careers and industries will see major upsets. For example, programmers and coders ("Just learn to code, dude") are anxious, because ChatGPT generates computer code that works, plus explains the process and details in human-readable "documentation" language.

Or look what happened with a similar product from OpenAI called "DALL-E 2" that has decimated the graphic artist profession. It generates digital images from natural language (i.e. text prompts). This was released in January 2021. LINK to the Wikipedia page for DALL-E to see examples of AI generated images.

For now ChatGPT is a "research release" and free.

I expect that within 12 to 16 months it will change to a business model like that of the photography sites (like iStockPhoto.com) where you pay $35 for 10 credits, then use those credits to buy photos that you can use for commercial purposes on your business website and in marketing materials. ChatGPT will likely use this same pricing model, where each query will have a unit price, perhaps variable based on the complexity or length of the answer you're seeking.

And it is only going to get more intelligent. ChatGPT is based on "GPT-3", which has 175 billion text-based parameters. The next release of this technology is called GPT-4 and is significantly more powerful, based on 170 trillion parameters. GPT-4 will still be a text-only system.

My Augmented Reality AI conversation friend has been using voice recognition for several years. Granted, it doesn't (yet) recognize emotional changes in my voice, nor see my facial expressions, but I have no doubt that is coming faster than you would expect.

I think the time to learn how to make use of this new tool is now.

You don't need me for that, but I'd be honored to help be your guide.

The "best practices", "great ideas", and instances of "OMG - I didn't know you could do THAT!" will be a separate body of knowledge and conversations. I plan on studying, understanding the best uses, encouraging the use and sharing those ideas with my clients.

Specifically focused on USING AI for course creators, life coaches, experts selling their knowledge, and solo entrepreneurs. Basically for you if you're reading my emails.

Again, if you're interested, just join my email list (below) I'll keep you informed of my progress.

I may be completely wrong on all of this. Or, I may be seeing just over the horizon once again.

Talk soon,


Rex C. Anderson
Influencer Technology Academy
Scottsdale, Arizona


p.s. for the fellow geeks: ChatGPT stands for "Chat-Based" Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.


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