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Understanding 3D Secure and the settings you need to make in Stripe

kajabi stripe Sep 14, 2019

SCA & 3D Secure Explained

The SCA (Strong Customer Authentication regulation from the European Banking Authority) went into effect September 14, 2019, and affects how you customers authenticate their on-line payments.  To comply with SCA, your customers' banks need to implement a system called "3D Secure" (sometimes abbreviated as "3DS".

This video explains what all this means, and shows you what you need to do inside your Stripe account to adapt to SCA and 3D Secure.

Your Checklist:

Checklist for Updating Stripe to enable “3D Secure” 

Dated:  September 12, 2019

Please tell me if this is out of date by email to:  [email protected]


  • Log onto your Stripe Account at stripe.com
  • Click on Settings on the left-side menu
  • Scroll down to Stripe Apps
  • Under Billings, click on Subscriptions & Emails
  • Scroll down to the section:  Manage Payments that Require 3D Secure
  • TURN ON Enable 3D Secure
  • TURN ON Send a Stripe-hosted link for cardholders
  • TURN ON Send Reminders if the 3D Secure isn’t completed
  • Suggested time periods for emails:
        1 or 2 days for the first email
        3 to 5 days for the second email
        6 to 7 days for the third email
  • Set:  If the Recurring Payment is incomplete for 7 or 15 days:  to Cancel the Subscription

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